Author: Victoria

Which Dog Food is the Better One?

My kids wanted to get a brand spanking new puppy, but I finally showed them why adopting an older dog from a shelter was really the better way to add another member to our family. When I explained that shelter dogs have a harder time finding their forever home, they immediately changed their focus to finding an adult dog to save. We actually found two at the shelter, and they quickly integrated themselves into our family from that first day on. The next thing to do was to compare Natures Domain vs Kirkland dog food to see which one was the best for them.

I had each child look up the best dog food to feed our new family members, and those are the two that were picked. I told them if there was a tie, then I would be the tie breaker. I knew nothing about dog food at all, but I was able to find a site that truly educated me. (more…)

Spring is Great but Falling Trees Are Not

After a long winter, I crave the sunshine and warmer weather. A favorite is when we turn the clocks ahead one hour to gain that extra hour of evening daylight. Probably my favorite time of year is when it is still daylight at nine p.m. My wife and I sit out on the porch and watch our dogs play in the fenced in yard. However, we have to get through the spring storms. One year we called a Queens tree removal company to clean up a fallen tree in our back yard. It was a tall silver maple. Those trees often have multiple trunks that are partially grown together. They grow tall and often at steep angles looking like they are always ready to fall over. (more…)

Fantastic Pruning Services Done Quickly

I used a tree removal in Long Island NY service because I lacked the tools and knowledge to remove a small three that died. I also needed some help with pruning on the property line. The latter was a bit more important to me because the neighbor complained constantly that my branches were growing over his property line. Most people here are pretty good about letting something like that slide as long as it isn’t too egregious, but he was absolutely adamant that my branches were causing him all sorts of problems and he wanted them gone immediately.

I didn’t feel like going to the hardware store to buy a bunch of tools that I would only use once, so I went online to find a removal service to do the work. (more…)