Fantastic Pruning Services Done Quickly

I used a tree removal in Long Island NY service because I lacked the tools and knowledge to remove a small three that died. I also needed some help with pruning on the property line. The latter was a bit more important to me because the neighbor complained constantly that my branches were growing over his property line. Most people here are pretty good about letting something like that slide as long as it isn’t too egregious, but he was absolutely adamant that my branches were causing him all sorts of problems and he wanted them gone immediately.

I didn’t feel like going to the hardware store to buy a bunch of tools that I would only use once, so I went online to find a removal service to do the work. I figured it wouldn’t cost more than those tools, and I became even more enthusiastic about hiring a service after I contacted my insurance company and they told me my homeowner’s insurance would cover most of the cost of the removal and pruning. I contacted a company my boss told me about and they sent a person out to make an estimate of how much it would cost.

They offered reasonable terms to do the work so I agreed. About two weeks later a few guys showed up and went right to work. They had that small tree completely removed in about a half hour, and the pruning didn’t take much longer. They did such a good job that I wondered why I hadn’t contacted them earlier to get the work done. I think homeowners think this stuff costs a lot of money, but it’s not too expensive and it is money well spent in order to keep your neighbors happy as well as having a well groomed lawn to enjoy.