It’s Always a Good Idea to Do a More Thorough Cleaning Once Per Year

Spring cleaning in Singapore has always been a big deal. It feels really good to take extra time to clear out your home or business. It helps to make things look and feel more fresh. It helps you mentally when you walk into a place and it smells clean and looks clean. This is something that I’ve always tried to do at home each year, but it’s not always possible to do the same for your business without extra help. It was hard to keep up with the cleaning duties when I first opened my business. After I began hiring employees, it became a little easier because several of them volunteered to help do a lot of chores. Now, that we are busier than ever, it has been more important to pay an outside company to do that for us.

I’ve worked for some companies where the offices were really messy. I strongly believe that affects employees and it makes it so that they are not as efficient as they could be. I used to notice how my fellow coworkers had to spend time searching for things when they had sloppy desks. I always did my best to keep clutter off of my own desk for that reason. All of the employees that I employ now have been told that it a must that they keep their desk clear of any clutter. I expect them to do that each night before they leave the office so that they can come in the next morning and get down to work easily.

This past year, I’ve told a nearby cleaning company that I really want them to come in and do a really thorough spring cleaning. I have them come in bi-weekly to do things like vacuum, take out the trash and more, but I would really like someone to come in and really scrub things down. They’ve set a time to come by over the weekend to do that. I will open the office so that they can come by, and they will move desks and other furniture. They will also wash the office walls and anything else that I need done.