Spring is Great but Falling Trees Are Not

After a long winter, I crave the sunshine and warmer weather. A favorite is when we turn the clocks ahead one hour to gain that extra hour of evening daylight. Probably my favorite time of year is when it is still daylight at nine p.m. My wife and I sit out on the porch and watch our dogs play in the fenced in yard. However, we have to get through the spring storms. One year we called a Queens tree removal company to clean up a fallen tree in our back yard. It was a tall silver maple. Those trees often have multiple trunks that are partially grown together. They grow tall and often at steep angles looking like they are always ready to fall over.

Silver maples have lost a lot of appeal as shade trees because they grow too tall and snap off in the wind. One of ours came down during a spring windstorm. My neighbors have a straight view from their front porch to the trees in our back yard. They live on the other side of the street. They say they see those trees swaying back and forth in the wind and just wait for one of them to fall down. Well, one did. I am glad that storms typically keep people, pets and wildlife under cover as that tree falling could have caused harm. I imagine the birds just took to flight when it started to fall. I didn’t see any birds or nests in that tree on the ground. I guess they are smart enough not to build a nest in a weak tree.

The trees were much smaller when we moved there. We should have done something about them the same year we moved in. Now we have more silver maples that are even taller that need to come down. It’s cheaper to have trees regularly pruned than it is to pay to cut them down, haul them away and then fix landscaping or any structural damage caused by a falling tree.