I Have Been Working a Trade Show

I am not quite sure how I got into this thing, although I can tell you that there was a really gorgeous girl involved. I do not know if you have ever been to a trade show, but if you have you would have seen quite a few beautiful young women involved in exhibition entertainment. Obviously the customer base is largely going to be middle aged men who are not encumbered by their wives, so if you want them to listen to your sales pitch a couple of beautiful young women are definitely going to help. Of course some of the corporations are really sensitive to the criticism of this as sexist, and so they want to do other things. In fact the young women mostly work as models and so they are basically exploiting their own attractiveness if you ask me. However I have seen a lot of exhibitors who really have the girls showing a whole lot of flesh.

At any rate I am still mostly a DJ, but of course that fits in with the exhibitor that I am working for. His product is about music and so they want to have a lot of music. They want it to be exciting, but of course they have to sell it to people as well. The idea is to use the entertainment to draw a crowd and then you make the pitch. Of course there are usually about three girls involved, they are all dancers. So they people who you are working will get to dance with them if they want to do that. It is all rather loosely organized, the entire idea is not to be formulaic and to try to get the customers excited to come and see what it is that you have to offer them.